Treasure Valley Premier Services LLC
Choose the right relationships and be treated fairly.
BSU Alumni and U.S. Army Veteran Owned.

Quality, safety, and satisfaction always, no exceptions. These are the core values of James Feehan LLC. We take care of trees, but we take care of people first. When you select us to help you achieve your tree goals, our knowledgeable arborists will not only suggest what they think is right for the safety, health and beauty of your trees and shrubs, but will also strive to accomplish whatever specific results you desire. We know that once you see the quality results we produce you will not only call us for all your tree care needs, you will also recommend us to all your friends and family! It is treating people how we like to be treated, that makes folks clients of James Feehan LLC.

All work is done with the most efficient equipment available. The equipment is environmentally friendly, with clean burning chainsaws and trimmer engines. I've been in the industry professionally since 1996 which gives me over 20 years of full-time experience. I prefer to meet with each client and discuss the work to be performed. I do not do drive by’s and give estimates but for the rare exception of some tree removals or clients I am already familiar with.